What is Mental Health Together?

Mental Health Together is a new service being developed by Kent and Medway's Community Mental Health Transformation programme to support people with complex mental health needs. 

It puts the person and their family back at the centre of their care and joins up support from services that can help them.

Watch the video animation to learn more about Mental Health Together.

What's happening when?

The new Mental Health Together service is expected to be in place by late 2023.

We're working with people with lived experience of mental health services to shape the new service. 

The transformation programme is funded by NHS England for three years. There will be a phased approach to changes, starting in Medway, where NHS staff and partners from other organisations will work as Mental Health Together. 

This is an important first step as staff will work in a different way, learning and adapting as they go.

Feedback received will help to shape the way service develops. The new service will then launch in other parts of Kent and Medway.

What is community mental health transformation?

Community mental health transformation is a large-scale national NHS programme to transform mental health services for adults and older adults.

Watch the NHS community mental health transformation video below to find out more.

Other frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Representatives from NHS Kent and Medway, Kent and Medway NHS Social Care Partnership Trust, and people with lived experience are working together with a number of other partners and organisations, including the voluntary sector, to create a new way to improve how people are supported with their mental health.

This exciting transformation aims to build effective community mental health treatment and support for those of us with serious mental health needs in line with the community mental health framework for adults and older adults.

It’s an approach that will put the person who is living with mental illness and their family back at the centre of their care, and considers their mental health needs in the context of their whole life, including their physical health.

The community mental health transformation in Kent and Medway is being carried out in line with the NHS Long Term Plan (2019).

People with lived experience are people who have experienced current services. An integral part of the transformation programme in Kent and Medway is its collaboration with people who have accessed mental health services. Input from people with lived experience plays a crucial part of the decision-making process for the transformation.

We are committed to making sure people are well-informed about the programme as it develops.

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