Our strategy

Our strategic goals aim to provide;

  • a clinically and financially sustainable single pathology service based on a strong, viable service that is clinically led, standardised, innovative and creative
  • a high-quality diagnostic service for patients, hospital and general practitioners, which meets their current and future needs
  • a workforce that feels valued, involved and owns the single pathology service as partners in the service - and it is a great place to work
  • service models in the pathology service in Kent and Medway to deliver technological change, increased efficiency and meaningful roles for staff, which maximises their potential and meets the needs of the client Trusts and commissioners.
  • transition to the new service in a creative and competent manner.
  • a digital, interoperative Laboratory Information Management system linking each laboratory and testing platforms
  • a coordinated procurement approach, standardising testing and equipment.

Our values

Organisational values are a key part of organisational development.  They help to outline the identity of an organisation, set standards of behaviour and demonstrate to stakeholders the aspirant or actual organisational culture. As KMPN operates across three employing Trusts, it is important that the network values are aligned with the Trust values.

  • to all have a voice
  • to be listened to and given timely feedback on our ideas and concerns
  • to be treated fairly
  • to be appreciated 
  • to be supported to be healthy and happy at work.

  • to 'grow our own' from local areas and attract the best from elsewhere
  • a guided and supported career structure for everyone
  • equal access to learning and development opportunities wherever we work and whatever our working hours
  • to be able to work at the level we are trained and paid for as well as being able to stretch ourselves to develop
  • to be able to lead - whatever level we work at.

  • to enjoy our jobs and for our work to be interesting
  • to be proud of our work
  • to be included in network projects
  • harmonisation in our jobs wherever we work
  • to be treated with flexibility as individuals with different working and access needs.

  • to feel part of the clinical team across the patient pathway
  • to make others aware of the importance of pathology
  • all our sites to be treated as equally important
  • to work as a whole network team
  • to learn and share our learning across the network and beyond
  • to innovate, research, improve and integrate our services using latest technology to help deliver the clinical strategy.

  • patients to be at the heart of everything we do
  • to ask what matters to patients
  • to deliver services that are equitable, high quality, safe and accurate across Kent and Medway, and beyond
  • to get the whole sample pathway right
  • to deliver services which are exemplary, timely, sustainable, value for money and eco-friendly where possible.
Photo of sample tubes being processed