Working together to create a greener future

In October 2020, the NHS published its ‘Delivering a Net-Zero NHS’ report, which set out a clear target of how it intends to reach net zero for its carbon footprint by 2040. For this target to become a reality, every organisation must do its part.

As stated in Kent and Medway’s Interim Integrated Care Strategy, integrated care system (ICS) leaders signed a pledge, making a commitment to:

  • work together to reduce economic and health inequalities
  • support social and economic development
  • improve public service outcomes
  • make sure services are excellent quality and good value for money.

We believe we will effectively serve our communities and our staff.

Through a collective approach, we can better tackle the climate emergency and support longer-term health and wellbeing outcomes. 

To highlight the important actions happening across the ICS, we've captured achievements on different aspects of the green agenda.