How can I object to my data being shared via KMCR?

You have the right to object to your information being shared on the KMCR on grounds relating to your particular situation. The right is not absolute and we may continue to use the data if we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds. When considering your objection, we will consider whether or not you can still be provided with safe individual care.

There are three types of UK GDPR objection codes that can be applied should you decide to opt out with each having a different impact as illustrated.


KMRC privacy notice objections.png


We ask you to think carefully before making this decision. Sharing your health and social care information will make it easier for services to provide the best treatment and care for you when you most need it.

Health and social care staff use your confidential information to help with your treatment and care.  For example, when you visit a hospital your consultant may need to know the medicines you take.

If you do wish to object, you should contact your health or social care provider involved in your care and ensure you understand what it means for you.  

If you choose to object:

  • you may have to answer questions repeatedly because your full history may not be available to the care professional assessing you
  • decisions about your care may take longer, even in emergency situations, as history needs to be confirmed
  • some medical tests may get repeated unnecessarily for example if you had a blood test with your hospital consultant, your GP may not be able to see this.

Further information and national guidance

National Data Opt-Out: Opting out of sharing confidential patient information

Myth busting

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